JadyHair -- Our story: Handmade with love and passion

Welcome to JadyHair!

We are a small hand crafted human hair extension store based in California. We believe that the hair extension business is an art and a craft that demands artistic capabilities, patience, and most importantly passion. We make each set of extensions with this principle in mind: everyone deserves to have the hair of their dreams.

We have had many years of experience in hand crafting hair extensions, selling through more traditional mediums at the local level. Some of our most established costumers are Hollywood makeup artists. It feels incredibly rewarding to sometimes spot our products in movies and tv shows. Recently, we are looking to step into the realm of e-commerce, and discovered Etsy to be an excellent platform for our hand crafted products.

We exclusively use premium quality 100% remy human hair for all our extensions, be it tape-in, clip-on, i-tip, or u-tip.

On top of using the best quality hair possible, we have made many new technological advances in perfecting the art of hair extensions that are guaranteed to maximize our costumers' comfort and satisfaction. For example, our i-tip and u-tip extensions are made with a special keratin tip designed and tested by us that allows for easy application, long durability, and minimal damage to your own hair. For our clip-ons, we specifically designed our clips to have a layer of silicone strippings to both protect your hair and ensure sturdy application. With our tape-ins, the adhesive tape we use have also been through numerous testing processes and is one of the best hair extension adhesive you can find our there on the market.

If you have any questions about our creation process, or the technicality of our designs, please feel free to message us on Etsy!

Join JadyHair! We’re here to help you transform and OWN your hair and LOVE your style!

Thank you!!

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